Edge of Transition
Mixed media on D'Arches paper | 2003 | 26" x 20"

Inside Out
Mixed media on D'Arches paper | 2003 | 26 " x 20"

Yellow and Walnut
Mixed media on D'Arches paper | 2003 | 26 " x 20 "
Artist Maxine Taylor
Maxine Taylor: "My paintings began as an interpretation of landscape and then later cityscape. I always intended to capture the essence of a place or of a feeling. While studying art history and learning to paint, I was impressed by what could be communicated through abstract art when the rational mind was let go.

Color has always been important to me as a means of expression, though for a time in 1994-1996, I gave it up to explore the power of communication with a limited palette. But I always seemed to dance around the edges of direct expression, fearful of the uncontrollable. Though I felt that I was true to the essence of abstract expressionism, I was impersonal.

During the period of 1998-1999 I undertook alternative avenues of expression. I concentrated on my personal environment. I painted on furniture, used found materials to create artwork and painted a mural on the outside of my studio. My focus was to discover what really mattered to me and I experienced much growth and personal fulfillment. However, I wasn't expressing myself in the way that I knew was important to me. It was apparent to me that I needed to return to traditional painting because only paint on paper can do that for me.

I need to freely express what is inside of me without an intervening, judging mind, and with only a brush, paint, a piece of pastel and paper or maybe canvas as my tools, I now let each mark stand on it's own".

For more information, see Maxine's website.

NOTE: The images on this page may not be reproduced without the express permission of Maxine Taylor

Roots of Change
Mixed media on D'Arches paper | 2003 | 26" x 20"


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